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Diakonie Düsseldorf

Gemeindedienst der evangelischen Kirchengemeinden e.V.

Platz der Diakonie 1

40233 Düsseldorf

vertreten durch den Vorstand: Thorsten Nolting, Diakoniepfarrer (Vorsitzender), Stefanie Krones und Rudolf Brune

Tel: 0211 73 53 0

Fax: 0211 73 53 200

Vereinsregister: VR 3373, Amtsgericht Düsseldorf

USt-IdNr.: DE121240838


Disclaimer und data protection

Please be aware that the English version is only a short summary of our information on data protection and liability

Although we prepared this website with great care, we can not guarantee that all content is correct, complete and up-to-date. Our websites contains links to external websites. Before adding a link to an external website, we checked it for legal infringements. However, we are not able to ensure the legality of the content of external websites permanently. In case we learn about any infringement, we will remove the link immediatly. 

The content of this website can only be reproduced with the agreement of the website operator. You are only allowed to download or copy pages of this website for private purpose, not for commercial purpose.

Data protection

Our website can generally be used without indicating your personal data. If personal data (e.g. name, address, or mailing address) is required, you are free to answer them or not.  If you have provided us with personal data, we will use them only to answer your questions or to provide hearing assistance. Your personal data remain with Diakonie Düsseldorf. They will be given to other persons only, if this should be necessary for the hearing assistance or if you have agreed in advance. No public authorities will be provided with your data. You have the right to withdraw your permission at any time. Personal data will be extinguished as soon as you withdraw your permission to store them, as soon as the storage is not necessary any more to fulfil their purpose, or if, for other reasons, it is illegal to store the data. We emphasise that the transmission of data in the net (e.g. communication via mail) may not be safe. It is not possible to protect your data completely from being used by non-authorized persons.

We disagree to the use of the published contact details on our websites for the purpose of sending us advertisement which we did not especifically ask for, like for example spam e-mails.

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